We care about the future of children who live in threatening conditions. Our workshops cover STEAM areas and are designed to aquire practical skills and discover favourite activities.

Team Work

We believe in synergy, our groups are self-organized and collaborate with each other through the whole country. Fast alone, further together.


By now we are acting in four bolivian cities, having reached thousands of children and welcoming several enthusiastic volunteers.


The experiences we lived thaught us to set goals. We give our children the experiences to make them realize that dreaming is the most powerful motivation.

About Us

Peque Innova is a free education program based on workshops that combine STEAM areas: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

Our activities intend to awaken passion on sciences in bolivian children between 5 to 12 years old, who generally do not have knowledge or access to this kind of opportunities and/or education.

The causes of these problems are based on economic resources, gender inequality as in traditional and vertical methods of education applied on rural and urban schools.

While cultivating real interest on the learning processes in children, we aim reducing school desertionns and losses of possible bright futures. That is why, our program aspires to empower the next generation of young leaders and innovators in science and technology in Bolivia.

Our Work

We promote a significant change in our country, by offering free educational workshops. We collaborate with community authorities, schools and other institutions from rural and urban locations. Our efforts have taken place in the following cities:



Our Precious Valley


La Paz

Wonderful City


Santa Cruz

Tropical Lowlands



The White Capital



Coming Soon


To promote education that empowers scientific skills and leadership in children with fewer resources in Bolivia


To be a regional and national challenge that transforms education among all Bolivian children

Our Workshops

Our courses bring together STEAM areas. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. These activities have been designed to encourage couriosity and innovation.


Participants per session: 20 - 25

Teaching the basic usage of open source programs. Allowing children to have a first impression on robotics hardware and the use of microcontrollers


Participants per session: 20 - 25

Teaching the basics of chemical compounds through interesting experiments, using every day life materials. Likewise, we explain the usage and handling of laboratory materials

Environmental Sciences

Participants per session: 25 - 30

We emphasize on concepts and practices such as knowledge, awareness and sensitivity about environmental issues. Explaining our environment with water, soil and wind energy experiments


Participants per session: 20 - 25

Discovering the principles of cells and microscopic observation. The child's creativity is estimulated when building own tools such as microscopes with conventional materials

Their experience captured

Each activity has uncountable outcomes, equally for participating children as for volunteer tutors.

Milestones in 2018

We're proud of our numbers. Yet, still growing.

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The Team

Behind a good cause, there are good hearts.

Marisol Annelisse Torrez

CEO / Co-founder

NYSC 2012

Isabella Bustamante

COO / Co-founder

FISE 2012

Arlet Vasquez

Recreation & Arts Director / Co-founder

Youth Ambassadors 2011

Gabriela Rocha

National Recruiter / Co-founder

Winter Institute 2016

Leandro Guardia

Technology and Systems Director

Nicolas Moron

Robotics National Coordinator

Framis Franco

Chemistry National Coordinator

Sergio Marañon

Environmental Sciences National Coordinator

Jusdin Ruiz

Biology National Coordinator

Maria Jose Huiza

Local Coordinator

Jeanine Estrada

Local Coordinator

Cielo Medina

Local Coordinator

Ariel Brañez

State Alumni

IVLP 2017

Rosa Sabené

State Alumni

Winter Institute 2007

Jhezael Poma

State Alumni

Youth Ambassadors 2013

Mauricio Valdez

State Alumni

Youth Ambassadors 2013

Fabricio Valdez

State Alumni

Youth Ambassadors 2015

Stefany Camacho

State Alumni

Beca Inglés STEAM

Our Origins

Peque Innova was born in 2017 as one of the winning projects of the ALUMNI network INSPIRA, of the Embassy of the United States in Bolivia. Our teams are composed by members of Young fellow’s program students from Fulbright, National Youth Science Camp, FISE, Innovation Camp, Winter Institute, Youth Ambassadors, Access and MLK programs.

We create a group of young leaders driven by the motivation of becoming agents of change. Our team is integreted by professionals such as Engineers Lawyers and Social Communicators, who strongly believe in the power of education and look forward to discover the hidden potential of young Bolivian girls and boys. Giving them the opportunity to have bigger dreams.

Contact to Join Us

We constantly welcome new members, there is always room for more hands, ideas and improvement. Drop us a message and let's chat.

Our Sponsors

We appreciate the collaboration of our partners and sponsors.

Department of State U.S.

U.S. Embassy

Alumni Bolivia

Tu Ciencia Joven


Gaia Pacha